·         300, 400 or 500 gallon tank with jet agitation, molded sight gauge, sump and fillwell with no-splash cover.

·         Rear mount brackets are complete with saddles, tank straps and all necessary bolts.

·         Category “2” or “3” rear mount brackets may be used with “Quick Attach” three point hookup.

·         Large, convenient platform with safety rail and ladder for easy filling of the tank.

·         Retractable built-in ground stand for storage when empty.

·         A clean water tank is conveniently mounted on the rear mount unit.

·         Available with three section electric controls for boom spraying.

NOTE: Rear mount is unassembled. Factory setup available.

NOTE: Raven® sprayer controllers require wheel sensor or radar cable (call for details)

HOW TO ORDER Choose in this order:

1.    Frame

2.    Tank

3.    Pump

4.    Plumbing

5.    Controls

6.    Boom

7.    Accessories