Don't wait any longer for post to set before you string your fence. Hydraulic post drivers produce a driving action which helps eliminate air pockets in the soil. This provides an immediate air tight post set, allowing the operator to install fence faster. These rugged drivers are dependable for everyday, heavy duty use. Built for a one-man operation, these post drivers are strong enough for daily use.

Worksaver offers three post driver sizes, Models "HPD-16", "HP-20", and our heavy duty model "HPD-24". Driver's are available with different positioning style arrangements. Can be used for wood or steel posts.

The patented slide blocks guide the driving ram in the carriage, providing maximum surface contact for better performance and longer carriage life. A target bubble level indicator, mounted on the driver valve plate, allows the operator to adjust the driver easily, without guess work, to ensure that the post will be straight. Quality and confidence are built into each driver.

New QuickChange system: Worksaver has introduced a new Feature called the QuickChange System for replacing the rod seal in the field.

HPD-16 effective with S/N 4077, HPD-20 effective with S/N 4531 and HPD-24 effective with S/N 1284.